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탭 브라우저로 유명한 Maxthon이 2008년 11월 19일 자로 2.1.5 버전을 내놓은 후 2009년 1월 14일 2.5로 버전을 크게 올려 새로운 버전을 내놓았다.

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탭 간의 간섭을 줄여 프로그램이 멈추는 오류를 크게 개선하는 등 이전 버전보다 안정성이 더 개선된 것으로 보인다.

이번 버전의 주요 개선 사항은 아래와 같다.

* Redesigned browser framework and added new anti-freeze feature

[Plugin and External Tools]
* Improved plugin security. Security id is no longer accessible in max.src. Existing Script/HTML plugins are not affected, individual COM plugins could obtain the security id through a new putSecurityId method if necessary.

* Added clean browser history option in the exit confirmation dialog

Maxthon 2.1.5

Maxthon 2.1.5

Maxthon 2.5.1

Maxthon 2.5.1

* Added a save as option in Collector, support ANSI, Unicode, and UTF-8 txt format
* Added a notice window when cleaning browser history
* Fixed a GDI leakage when tab is dragged
* Fixed a favorites and RSS sidebar focus problem
* Fixed a Maximize problem in mult-monitor environment
* Fixed a Float Button position problem under Split View
* Fixed a RSS duplicate addition alert problem
* Fixed a freeze problem when the shadow of menu is clicked
* The URL of favorites is shown when mouse hover favorites sidebar
* The close button on the active tab now works on mouse released (previously when mouse pressed)

* Fixed problem capturing long web pages

* Fixed a zoom problem under IE8
* Fixed a freeze problem when maxthon exits
* Fixed a Magic Fill auto fill problem
* Fixed problem opening .url shortcut
* Fixed some browser window focus problems
* Fixed some memory leakage problem
* Possibly fixed problem that browser frame may not be drawn
* Possibly fixed problem that browser window may go behind other windows when opening external url
* Improved page scrolling efficiency
* Web page zoom ratio is limited between 10% to 1000%

될 수 있으면 사용하던 버전은 깨끗하게 삭제(uninstall)하고 새로 설치하여 사용하는 것이 좋다.

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