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구글 크롬(Chrome) 새 버전.

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사용자 삽입 이미지
이번에 개선된 점은 아래와 같다.

* [r26815] New-FTP: Requires re-authentication when navigating around. (Issue: 21184)
* [r26860] [DEPS] Move FTP LIST parsing code to the renderer process, limiting potential damage from security issues.
* Issues with drop down select boxes fixed.
* [r26359] BiDi-language filenames now displayed correctly in download shelf. (Issue: 10860)

# Extensions
* [r26526] Fix crashy toolstrips. (Issues: 22070, 22135)
* [r26532] Audio and video tag doesn't work for extension resources. (Issue 22152)
* [r26685] Fix an issue where we do not initiate the extension install UI with certain combinations of HTTP headers.
* [r26556] Introduce chrome.tabs.executeScriptInTab() and chrome.tabs.insertCSSInTab(). (Issue: 12465)
* [r26706] Hide the mole handle by default. (Issue: 15494)
* [r26658] Remove the right-click devtools behavior. (Issue: 20634)
* [r26654] Add CSS classes to the document when switching between toolstrip and mole mode.
* --show-extensions-on-top works pretty well now (on windows). Try it out!

# Sync
* Sync library now built entirely from trunk.

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