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MyUninstaller v1.65 - Alternative to the standard add / remove control panel module (분류: Desktop Utilities)
MyUninstaller is an alternative utility to the standard Add/Remove applet of Windows operating system. It displays the list of all installed application, and allows you to uninstall an application, delete an uninstall entry, and save the list of all installed applications into a text file or HTML file.
MyUninstaller also provides additional information for most installed applications that the standard Add/Remove applet doesn't display: product name, company, version, uninstall string, installation folder and more.

이번 버전에서 바뀐 점:
  • Added 'System Component' column (Yes or No)
  • Added 'Show System Components' which allows you to hide or show system components.

SearchFilterView v1.00 (분류: System Utilities) 신규
When you search the content of files with Windows search, it uses the right search IFilter plugin according to the file extension. This utility allows you to easily view the search filters installed on your system and the file extensions that are associated with them, as well as it allows you to easily add or remove file extensions for these filters.

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