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대표적인 가상화(Virtualization) 솔루션의 하나이면서 오픈 소스 소프트웨어인 VirtualBox(버추얼박스)  3.1.6 버전이 3월 25일 자로 나왔다.

VirtualBox 다운로드 페이지로 가기

이번 버전에서 개선되거나 추가된 점은 아래와 같다.
  • Linux hosts: fixed timing issue on hosts with Linux kernels 2.6.31 or later with certain CPUs (asynchronous timer mode)
  • Linux hosts: properly handle host suspend/resume events on Linux kernels 2.6.30 or later
  • Mac OS X hosts: fixed VBoxSVC crash while enumerating the host network interfaces under certain circumstances
  • Snapshots: fixed image corruption after snapshot merge under certain circumstances
  • Snapshots: fixed crash with VBoxHeadless / OSE
  • VMM: fixed reference counting guru meditation
  • VMM: improved guest SMP stability
  • VMM: fixed VT-x hardware debug issues
  • VMM: fixed PGMDynMapHCPage guru meditation (Mac OS X; VT-x only)
  • VMM: fixed pgmPoolTrackFlushGCPhysPTInt guru meditations (Mac OS X; VT-x only)
  • VMM: Fixed host crash when running PAE guests in VT-X mode (Mac OS X only).
  • GUI: fix displaying of error message
  • GUI: fix inability to enter seamless mode
  • 3D support: fixed assertion and flickering when guest application uses several windows with a single OpenGL context
  • 3D support: fixed host crashes when using GL_EXT_compiled_vertex_array and array element calls
  • 3D support: fixed runtime linker errors with OpenGL guest libs
  • 3D support: fixed OpenGL extension viewer crash on startup
  • NAT: fixed a 3.1.4 regression on Windows hosts where graceful connection termination was broken
  • NAT: alternative network setting was not stored persistent
  • NAT: fixed memory corruption during ICMP traffic under certain circumstances
  • Network: allow to switch the host interface or the internal network while a VM is running
  • VHD: fix for images with a block size different than 2MB
  • USB: fixed filtered device attach regression
  • USB: fixed crash in OHCI under rare circumstances
  • VRDP: fixed hang under rare circumstances when attaching USB devices
  • ACPI: prevent guest freezes when accessing /proc/acpi for determining the state of the host battery and the AC adapter (Linux hosts only)
  • PulseAudio: fixed guest freezes under certain conditions (3.1.4 regression)
  • BIOS: increased space for DMI strings
  • BIOS: fixed interrupt routing problem for certain configurations (I/O-APIC enabled, ACPI not used)
  • iSCSI: be more robust when handling the INQUIRY response
  • iSCSI: be more robust when handling sense data
  • BusLogic: fixed FreeBSD guests
  • webservice: vboxwebsrv is now multithreaded
  • Solaris Installer: fixed netmask to stay persistent across reboots for Host-only interface
  • Linux installer: removed external dependency to
  • Solaris Additions: fixed superfluous kernel logging
  • Linux Additions: fixed hang when starting the X server in Fedora12 guests and in guests with Linux 2.6.33 or later
  • Linux Additions: support Mandriva speedboot runlevel
  • Linux Additions: fixed SELinux security context of mount.vboxsf
  • Linux Additions: support Ubuntu 10.04
  • Web service: update PHP bindings to fix problems with enums and collections
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