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2011년 6월 27일 자로 Microsoft Office 2010의 새로운 업데이트 버전인 Microsoft Office 2010 Service Pack 1(SP1)이 나왔다. 

파워포인트 2010
이 중 PowerPoint(파워포인트)에서 고쳐진 내용은 아래와 같다. 이렇게 많은 문제를 안고 써온 것이다.

  • The aspect ratio changes for CGM images that are inserted in PowerPoint.
  • If PowerPoint is started by opening a file that contains 3-D content, the program might stop responding.
  • When you try to open certain files that contain OLE objects, a file repair dialog box opens.
  • After you turn on inking to annotate slides in PowerPoint, the pen cursor reverts to a pointer during every animation and transition, and inking capabilities are not automatically restored.
  • When you export slides into pictures, certain sizes of slides have black borders at the right side and at the bottom.
  • The program cannot repair and open some files that PowerPoint 2003 and PowerPoint 2007 could repair and open.
  • When the "Use Presenter View" option on the Slide Show tab is turned on, Presenter View is displayed by default on the secondary monitor instead of the primary monitor. Therefore, private information may be displayed by projector to the audience. After this fix, "Use Presenter View" changes the slide show display screen to the next available monitor instead of the primary monitor. Then, Presenter View is displayed on the presenter's primary control screen (for instance, a laptop monitor) instead of being projected to the audience.
  • PowerPoint slideshows that were created in PowerPoint for Mac and that are set to play "on click" (the default setting), do not play at the first click.
  • When you use grayscale printing, border color settings are not honored. White table borders are printed as black. SP1 adds the ability to control this behavior using a registry key setting.
  • When your printer has a high default resolution setting (such as 2,400 dots per inch) and you save a slide as a metafile or as an enhanced metafile (EMF), the saved file is very large. SP1 added a registry key that lets you override what printer is used  when a metafile is saved, so that you can generate a more compact metafile.
  • You insert an Excel embedded object that contains VBA code (macros) into a PowerPoint presentation. When you save and then re-open the presentation, the macros cannot be enabled.
  • When you use the "Package for CD" Save and Send command, descriptive text is displayed that mistakenly states that the package will include the Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer to play the presentation.
  • When you are using multiple monitors, if you have the PowerPoint editing window open on one monitor and you start the slide show on the other monitor, the mouse pointer disappears when it is moved over the editor. The pointer does not reappear until it is is moved over the slide show view.
  • When you programmatically export a PowerPoint slide as a bitmap, black lines appear on the exported image.
  • When checking out a PowerPoint presentation from a SharePoint document library and sending the presentation as an e-mail attachment, the options to "Check In" and "Discard Check Out" are removed from the Office button Server flyout.
  • You move to the end of a deck  that has more than six slides, and then you move back slide by slide to the beginning. In this scenario, some slides (before the last six) will be stuck in the animation end state and will not play from the beginning of the animation.
  • When a co-authored presentation is merged, inconsistencies in the way text is auto-fit can cause some text to become unreadable.
  • When you use PowerPoint 2010 object model to automate formatting, an incorrect Runs.Count value is returned.
  • All text disappears from a multi-column text box when you add text to the first column.
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