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탭 브라우저로 유명한 Maxthon이 2007년 11월 1일자로 2.0.5 Forum Build(포럼 빌드)가 나왔다. 포럼 빌드란 외부로 공개되지 않고 등록된 회원들에게만 내부적으로 공개하는 버전을 말한다.

Maxthon 2.0.5 Forum Build 다운로드 페이지로 가기

Maxthon Browser

Maxthon Browser

이번 버전에서 개선된 사항은 아래와 같다.

[New Feature]
+ New Split View Mode
+ button plugins can set default location in plugin.ini (DefaultLocation=MenuBar/ToolBar/StatusBar)
+ plugin icon support png, jpg, bmp format
+ improved tab dragging in the tab bar

* fixed some problems with multimonitor
* fixed problem that "up" key not work in address bar when auto complete
* fixed a conflict with ime application
* fixed problem that change to filter pack version number not work
* add confirmation when delete tab in collector
* sidebar tabs are set to show the icon only
* some skin icons updated
* the maximum number of mouse gesture action number set to 3
* site icon in tab show faster
* fixed problem that some items may not list in filtered list
* fixed an address bar display problem when tabs are opened by external program
* fixed problem that maxthon may not exit when computer is closed with "Close To System Tray"

option enabled
* fixed problem that "Enable Quick Search in Address Bar" may not work
* fixed a browser safety issue
* fixed a problem that deleting sidebar plugin may crash
* fixed problem that ">>" button of favorites bar may not work
* fixed some menu and shortcut conflict problems
* fixed drawing problem of new tab button in the tab bar;
* Favorite manager can set/unset most favorites
* fixed problem that deleted skins continue to show in Setup Center
* fixed display problem of Most Favorites which have "&" in title
* fixed crash when left click Undo menu after right click
* fixed flickering when title is clicked under "customize..." mode
* fixed some crash problems
* fixed favicon url problem (use url specified in webpage)
* fixed problem that context menu search does not work if search bar is hidden
* fixed crash when switch to different application while capturing region

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가급적 사용하던 버전은 깨끗하게 삭제(uninstall)하고 새로 설치하여 사용하는 것이 좋다. 정식 최신 버전은이다.

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