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2011년 6월 27일 자로 Microsoft Office 2010의 새로운 업데이트 버전인 Microsoft Office 2010 Service Pack 1(SP1)이 나왔다. 

원노트 2010
이 중 OneNote(원노트)에서 고쳐진 내용은 아래와 같다. 이렇게 많은 문제를 안고 써온 것이다.

  • In the Arabic language version of OneNote, the File tab shortcut key conflicts with the Share shortcut key in the Backstage.
  • When you view search results, OneNote does not scroll the page to the first search "hit."
  • Pages are reordered when new content is added to a shared notebook.
  • Various problems may occur for shared notebooks that have many users: local changes get moved to Misplaced Sections instead of being saved on the server, the read/unread state gets mistakenly cleared, files are repeatedly downloaded, table of contents files grow continuously, server load becomes very high, and sections or section groups are duplicated.
  • Text formatting problems occur after you paste text that you copied from a website.
  • It is too difficult to share and open notebooks on Windows Live SkyDrive or to get unfiled notes onto SkyDrive. SP1 provides user interface and functionality improvements to make these tasks much easier.
  • Printed images are lost when a page in OneNote 2010-format page is saved in OneNote 2007 format.
  • Unnecessary background syncing when users are inactive causes unnecessary load on SharePoint and SkyDrive servers.
  • Ink shifts when you press the Down Arrow key.
  • Folders that lack a .onetoc file open as a notebook. After the fix, OneNote will no longer open a folder as a notebook unless that folder is already a notebook. This change prevents OneNote from creating unwanted .onetoc2 files throughout a folder structure.
  • Search results are not scrolled to the hit, so they are not easily seen.
  • OneNote users experience SkyDrive connection problems.
  • Content cannot be marked as "read" and continues to be designated as unread.
  • Embedded image placement fails, but no error message is generated. Therefore, Notebook appears to be synced, but the image is missing when the file is reopened.
  • XML that includes XPS images that was exported through the OneNote API is invalid and cannot be reimported through the API.
  • Note tag customizations are not always saved.
  • When two users on different computers type in the same empty paragraph at about the same time, a merge conflict occurs. After the SP1 fix, each user's input becomes a separate paragraph.
  • When you search on multiple pages of printouts, hit results are only highlighted on the first page of the printout.
  • It is difficult to move Unfiled Notes sections to Windows Live SkyDrive.
  • A crash might occur if a second OneNote window is closed while content is being moved in the original OneNote window.
  • Ink moves or disappears from shared notebooks, usually when more than one user is editing ink or text on the same page.
  • Content is duplicated when it is pasted after being selected by using the lasso tool.
  • Inks shifts on a page when you insert an image.
  • It isn't possible for administrators to control the creation of "Personal" notebooks on Windows Live SkyDrive. Starting with SP1, a registry key will allow administrators to control this feature.
  • Depending on window sizing, all notebooks are not displayed in the navigation bar.
  • Performance is slow when you use a template to create a new page.
  • When a page is saved as a .docx file, the images are not saved to the Word document.
  • Fixes up duplicate ink shifting issues.
  • Newly created notebook shows "unread" content where none should exist.
  • When a notebook is named with certain characters (or contains sections or section groups that use these characters) that are not allowed on Windows Live SkyDrive and that notebook is saved to SkyDrive, the sections are not synced, and an error occurs. After the fix, the sections are automatically renamed without the disallowed characters.
  • OneNote does not support the Rupee symbol in plain text.
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