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Port Abbreviation Meaning Description
ano Anova ANOVA matrix for ANOVA significance test
ann Annotation Annotations extracted from the input object
arc Archive Archive file generated during execution of the operator
ass Association Association rules that have been discovered in a frequent item set
att Attribute Attribute weights (in and out)
ave Average Performance measures; estimate of performance using the model built on the complete delivered data set
clu Cluster model Cluster model created when clustering an example set
clu Clustered set Example set given to the clustering operator; may contain an attribute with a cluster role (describes the cluster of each example)
col Collection Collection of objects
con Condition Any object can be supplied; the condition specified in parameters is tested on this object
cov Covariance Covariance matrix
dic Dictionary Example set used for replacing 'from' values with 'to' values in a given example set
dis Distance measure SimilarityMeasure object
doc Document Document or document set
err Error Standard error output
est Estimated performance Performance vector of the SVM model which gives an estimation of statistical performance of this model
exa Example set Example set
fil File File object
fla Flat Flat collection or flat clustering model
for Formula Formula result
fre Frequent Frequent item or item sets for association rule learning
gro Grouped Grouped models, attributes, items
hie Hierarchical Hierarchical clustering model
inp Input Input source, can take various objects
ite Item sets Frequent item sets (groups of items that often appear together in the data)
joi Join Join of the left and right example sets
lab Labeled data Model that was given in input is applied on the example set and the updated example set is delivered from this port
lef Left Left input port expecting an example set, which is used as the left example set for a join
lif Lift chart Lift Pareto chart for the given model and example set
mat Matrix Correlations matrix of all attributes of the input example set
mer Merged Merged example set
mod Model Default model from this output port
obj Object IO object
ori Original Input example set is passed without changing to this port
out Output Output port
par Parameter set Set of parameters that can be applied on an operator
pat Patterns GSP algorithm is applied on the given example set; resultant sequential patterns set is delivered through this port
per Performance Performance Vector for selected attributes
pre Preprocessing Preprocessing model with information regarding the operator's parameters in the current process
ran Random forest Model of a random forest
ref Reference Provided reference data or reference set
req Request set Provided example set
res Result set Distance or similarity between examples of the request set and reference set
rig Right Right input port expecting an example set, which is used as the right example set for a join
roc ROC curve Calculated ROC curves for included models
rul Rules Association rules that have been discovered in a frequent item set
sec Second Input take an example set derived from the output of the Generate ID operator in an attached example process
seg Segment Segment of an image
sel Selected Object specified by the index parameter is returned through this port
ses Session Session example set
sig Significance Significance test results of performance vector comparison is delivered through this port
sim Similarity Calculated similarity between each example of the given example set with every other example of the same set
sin Single Single object of the given collection, which is processed in the inner part of the operator
sta Stacking Stacking examples or model
sto Stored Through this port, the input object is passed without changing to the output
sub Subtrahend Expects an example set; example set must have ID attribute
sup Superset Superset of input example sets
thr Through Objects are passed through without changing
thr Threshold Threshold output of the Select Recall operator
tra Training Training data to train a model (example set)
uni Union Union of the input example sets
unl Unlabeled Examples that are not labelled and therefore not used when training a model
unm Unmatched Examples that did not match a specified pattern in the original example set
unr Unrelated Examples that were unrelated to a specified pattern in the original example set
vis Visualization Self-organizing map (SOM) visualization
wei Weights Attribute weights
wor Word Expects or outputs a word list
xsl XSLT EXtensible Stylesheet Language (XSLT) document


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